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As a parent, we naturally want what is best for our kids. When we see them struggle, we hurt along with them, especially if we don’t know how to help them. Children and teens struggle with many things in the modern day, such as school, behavioral problems, substance abuse, and many more. We work with parents to develop behavior modification plans, helping parents understand alternative discipline strategies, or even helping parents understand the steps the can take to ensure that their child has the necessary interventions in place at school to help them succeed. Contact us to understand how Keys to Recovery Counseling Services, PLLC, can help with the specific situation you’re dealing with.  Services to children/teens often have a low level of success when there is an absence of parental and/or primary caretaker involvement.  

Child and teen therapy focuses on the interpersonal relationships of the individual, as well as the family members, primarily how they relate to each other, communicate, and individuate. Family systems helps to look at the interactions of each family, how they communicate, and helps each individual learn how to interact with a more positive approach. A good therapist will work to address the concerns of the individual, while helping the family grow and heal. Children grow through a variety of developmental milestones-physical, and psychological. As they struggle to resolve their psychological development, they need love, support, and the structure as provided by their parents/guardians.

Cultivating an identity is the biggest developmental challenge to wrangle for an adolescent. Therefore, teens gravitate toward those who they identify with… or want to be identified with. When your good kid starts to socialize with a clique of troubled teens, it is often less about rebelling against you. Generally, it is more about connecting with the similar emotional sensibility that those individuals share with them.

There is a myth that bad kids actively pressure good teenagers to do evil deeds. Trouble making teens have little interest in socializing with a goody-two-shoes. Yet, sometimes, good kids are drawn to the bad kids for what they represent. Often they symbolize ideals like independence and strength. It’s an illusion of course, but teenagers often have a difficult time seeing past that. If your teen is having a tough time with self-esteem issues, the bad crowd may seem to them like a good way of feeling stronger and more secure. That’s how teens (and adults for that matter) want to portray themselves… strong, confident and accepted.

The pressure to use drugs, act out sexually or any other activities that will make your hair fall out is generally from internal pressure. Your kids insecurities drives them to want to fit in with their new group of friends so badly, that they choose to do something wrong just to belong, not because their buddies are telling them to do it. The thought is, “If I do this, then they will like me.”

You would be hard pressed to find a teenager who does not care about being popular. Even if they say, “I doesn’t care about being accepted,” it is an innate feeling to want to be liked. So this insecurity drives your kid’s actions more than the pressure they may be feeling from their friends.

At Keys to Recovery Counseling Services, PLLC, we strive to offer services such as Individual therapy to assist your child transition through various life stages. We specialize in assisting teen that are struggling with:

  • Mood disorders
  • Sexual identity issues
  • Parent-child Relationship conflicts
  • Substance abuse
  • Phase of life issues
  • Under-achievement
  • Peer realtionships